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Marketing Your Business with Pre-Qualified Leads

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Your website might be generating a lot of leads, but the question is, are they qualified leads? Will that lead convert to sales? How do you qualify sales leads?

There are many ways you can generate traffic and leads, but you should focus on getting pre qualified leads. Here’s why you need pre qualified leads and how you can get more information on your leads and judge whether they are pre-qualified or not.

What Information Are You Gathering?

It is important to focus on what kind of information you are gathering from your clients and visitors. Most websites ask for basic information like Name, email address, or phone number. However, these are just not enough for a proper follow-up.

Many websites are now going ahead with 15 to 20 questions from a client that can help them determine whether this is a qualified lead or will end up wasting their time and resources.

Planning out your questions in a way that they answer key features of the client’s plans can reveal if they plan to use your service or not.

Some marketing websites ask a question like:

  • How can we help you with marketing?

  • What is your budget?

  • What is your timeline for launch?

Getting Key Insights

The right insights can reveal what your client is trying to achieve from your good or service, and give you essential data to pursue that client. You can ask about the previous services they have used and how they plan on implementing your service.

Getting the right insight on all this can fully confirm whether or not the client requires your service or not.

It can incorporate essential information like budgetary concerns and the client's potential in the coming months.

This way, you focus on pre-qualified leads instead of just any lead that comes to your website. This will definitely save you a lot of resources, and you can prioritize leads that will actually increase your revenue.

Marketing with Ecorr Marketing

Quality over Quantity

Always aim for quality leads over quantity. Your website may be generating hundreds of leads each day, but it may not convert or benefit you.

This is why you should always optimize for quality. 10 qualified leads are much better than 500 irrelevant leads.

You not only build your referrals this way but it also positively effects your revenue!

Use Software That Can Help with Insight

Different kinds of software can help you gain more knowledge on your lead. Software like Clearbit can reveal key elements regarding a potential client. These elements include what company they belong to, or even their job title.

Why is information like this important, you might wonder?

It helps you know if the lead has influence or not! A person in a managerial position is more likely to make decisions and has the autonomy to purchase your service. However, an associate may not have that decision making autonomy.

Companies also project the level of affiliation when a company or project partner is mentioned.

Pre-Qualifying Leads: Final Words

So, now you know what are pre-qualified leads, why you need to qualify lead, and how to pre qualify leads. In simple words, you need pre qualified lead if you wish to enjoy better business sales, and now you know how to do it. ECorr Marketing can help you with Pre-Qualified Leads. Contact Us Today!


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